The Fool

Big Fish Games (Shareware)

The Fool is a hidden object game adventure game that was first released in 2011. The game tells the story of a kingdom that was destroyed by a dragon. The unnamed hero, a scrawny young lad, offers to beat the dragon in order to get the reward of the ownership of half of the kingdom and the hand of the princess. The player’s goal is to help the hero put together a strong suit of armor. The hero must visit different locations in the game in order to find the right pieces to build the armor that he will use to defeat the dragon.

On the hidden object scenes, a list of items that need to be found is displayed at the bottom part of the window. The items will be crossed out once the player finds them on the scene. The game also features a hint button that can be used when the player is stuck looking for an item in the scene. Some items in the game will be added to the player’s inventory. These items will be useful later on in the game.

Here are the other features of the game:

• Interesting storyline that is suitable for the entire family
• Hundreds of items to find in various scenes
• Save the princess and the kingdom from the dragon