The Font Thing 0.80

Sue Fisher (Freeware)

The Font Thing is a software application that enables users like typographers and graphic designers to manage the TrueType fonts installed in their Windows systems. Through this program, users can view and browse through all installed fonts and organize them so that they are easier to locate. They can be stored in subfolders or in a single list, depending on the user’s indexing preferences. By right-clicking on a selected font, users can uninstall it, rename it, and copy it to another folder. The user can also view other important details such as its family, subfamily, and characters. In addition, users can store their own notes with the fonts, filter them based on type, and create collections for easier access.

The Font Thing features a unique tool that allows users to temporarily load a certain font and print samples. The simple user interface has five menu items and a selection of tools underneath the navigation bar. When a user selects an option in the menu, a window that contains pertinent functions opens. Each window contains tabs that each show samples of a given font, its characters, information, and the user’s notes. Fonts can be copied or deleted individually or in batches simultaneously.