The File Splitter 1.31

Dekabyte (Freeware)

The File Splitter 1.31 is a free program for Windows systems that can cut or split a file into smaller sizes. This program is also designed to put these smaller files together. Designed to be a secure program, this application is useful to people who send emails, which are larger than the maximum allowable size. The file can be split into manageable chunks. This application can be downloaded from the Internet without any cost.

The File Splitter 1.31 is useful as well when the file transfer involves a floppy disk. The capacity of one floppy is 1.44 megabytes. A larger-sized file will not fit in a single floppy. With this utility, it is possible to split a big file into smaller ones that a floppy can carry. Once all the smaller files are transferred to a computer, the same application can be used to reconstruct the original file. The pieces are combined together via a .exe file. In order to produce the original file, users of the utility have to drag and drop the component files using Windows Explorer.

The File Splitter 1.31 can work on files, which are up to around nine billion gigabytes. This application is a handy and convenient tool to use. It is also easy to install and takes up very small space in the hard disk.