The Fate of Hellas

World Forge (Proprietary)

The Fate of Hellas is a PC video game in the real-time strategy genre best known for taking players to realistic and exciting battles in Ancient Greece. This RTS game is set 2500 years ago before the Roman Empire came to power. The enemies of the Greeks put up a battle that the Greeks need to triumph over. Players of the game are placed in command of armies that must besiege key locations in Greece. If a player conquers more cities then his power and cunning in the battlefield will increase further.

Players are faced with the challenge of strategically planning formations and approaches based on the setting and the opposing army. There are three formations available to players, and numerous weapons options are available as well. Players can make use of the weapons of the vanquished foes and defend the cities of Ancient Greeks from foreign armies. The Fate of Hellas features more than 60 interesting characters, a wide array of buildings, and a variety of military vehicles to choose from.

Aside from military formations, players must also utilize resources that will help them maintain their troops. They must be able to gather wood, produce food, and mine gold. The food stores and granaries should always be well-stocked, and farms should be populated with poultry and other livestock for food.