The Extractor

The Extractor (Freeware)

The Extractor is an application used to unzip different archive formats such as RAR and ZIP files. The program is helpful since archives are normally utilized by any type of computer user. Clicking on the program’s “Go” button immediately unzips files and places contents contained in such into user specified output folders.

Archives are an easy method to save computer space. They are helpful when files are uploaded into different servers or sent via email attachments. Program interface is simple, made up of panels, and can be understood by any type of computer user. A Help feature guides users to utilize the program but does not include search capabilities. A drag and drop feature enables quick addition of RAR and ZIP files. Output files are designated by users. A Preset option lets users assign preset tasks for each and every output folder whenever files are unzipped. Preset tasks consist of keeping covers, folders, and subfolders. Folder options can be manually applied in case assigning presets are not opted by users. If output locations are not assigned, files are designated into input folders. After file processing, users can customize the program to automatically close regardless if errors were found. With Windows shell integration, archives may be sent to program queue list via the computer’s context menu.