The Enigma Protector

The Enigma Protector (Shareware)

The Enigma Protector is an application used for the protection of programs. Program crackers are averted through the program’s security, data compression, and encryption features. Program crackers include modification, disassembly, analysis, and hacking. The program works in conjunction with .ocx and .dll (dynamic libraries).scr (screen savers) .mp3,and .exe formats.

The program’s interface contains an automatic mailer, and a license manager. Registered and creation trial applications are provided, while mode parameters are reviewed by integrated functions. Registration-key and protection systems can be incorporated into current programs. Verification functions of registration keys can also be integrated. License can be bound to one computer; license term can thus be limited. Polimorphic instructions can replace deleted original codes. Module usage time can be limited by clock control for systems, and in terms of date, days, and executions. The virtual box feature prevents third-party usage and copying of files. Program files can be combined into one module without efficiency loss. Reverse engineering is also averted. Programmers can also use the program to incorporate elements into current modules without the need to write strings from additional sources. Other program features include protection data area, application data encryption section, protection of force imports, and protection of file entry points, among others. DLL attachment, encrypted sections, and black list cannot be used with the program.