The CryptoCard Suite

CryptoTech (Proprietary)

The CryptoCard Suite is a set of security tools developed to encode smart cards and lock the computer to a user’s settings. It is used to identify and authenticate users. It creates and sets codes or PINs for Crypto Cards and smart cards. It digitally inputs information in electronic cards for security purposes.

The CryptoCard Suite has two elements: The CryptoCard Suite Manager and the CryptoCard Monitor. The CryptoCard Suite Manager is program that views smart card content and customization. It locks PIN settings to Timed, Number of Operations, and Permanent. “Timed” settings are prompted by the program and set by the user to any point between opening and closing a program. “Number of Operations” does not prompt the user to enter the PIN until a specific number of operations have been done and set by the user. “Permanent” does not prompt the user to enter the PIN till the user opens or closes a program. The CryptoCard Monitor function automatically accesses the certificates in the smart card inserted in the card reader. The program hibernates until a smart card is inserted.

The CryptoCard Suite also allows users to change the PIN numbers on cards. The program will ask the user to type the input fields in the old PIN number, type in the new PIN number, and confirm the new PIN number.