The Crop Circles Mystery

Big Fish Games (Shareware)

The Crop Circles Mystery is a mystery hidden object game. In the game, Jane’s wheat field has been tampered with during a strong thunderstorm. Some people in town think that the crop circles that appeared was put there as a prank. However, other townspeople think that the crop circles were put there by extraterrestrials from another planet. The aim of the player is to help Jane unravel the mystery behind the crop circles.

In the game, the player must visit different scenes in the game and look for the hidden objects that are listed at the bottom of the screen. Items that are already found will be eliminated from the list. The game also features a hint system that can be used when a player is stuck looking for an item. There is a timer on all the hidden object scenes, so the player’s goal is to find all the items before time runs out. The player can also find different items along the way. These items can be used later in the game. In addition to the hidden object games, the game also features mini games in the form of puzzles.

Other features of the game include:

• Hundreds of objects to find
• Help rebuild Jane’s farm
• Find out the mystery behind the crop circles