The Complete National Geographic

National Geographic Society (Proprietary)

The Complete National Geographic is a CD-DVD program that provides users with access to an archive of National Geographic magazines. It was developed and released by the National Geographic Society. More than a hundred years worth of magazines can be accessed in a series of 6 discs. Everything from the articles to the photographs and maps that can be found on the actual magazine can be found on this digital copy. The magazines have been transcribed in such a way that the digital version serves as an exact copy of the printed material. The latest version to be released is the 2010 cluster and this includes magazines from the beginning of the National Geographic series to those created and issued in the year 2010.

Aside from being able to view past magazine articles, images, and maps, those who use the program also have the ability to access all data in high resolution. The improved image quality makes a difference when it comes to one's viewing element. There is a visual interface that can be enjoyed with this program. The interface is simple to use, making article, image, and map searches easy as pie. All DVDs in the collection are highly interactive making it possible for program users to explore the different magazines.