The Chronicles of Riddick - Assault on Dark Athena

Starbreeze Studios (Proprietary)

The Chronicles of Riddick – Assault on Dark Athena is an action game developed by Starbreeze Studios. It is based on the futuristic Riddick film saga. It is a first-person shooter (FPS) featuring the original storyline and characters from the saga, as well as the voice of Vin Diesel who portrays Riddick the anti-hero lead character.

The Chronicles of Riddick – Assault on Dark Athena game begins when Richard B. Riddick, the role the player will assume, has to escape the Dark Athena. This follows his escape from Butcher Bay prison. The game revolves to Riddick who is trying to escape from the mercenary ship Dark Athena by fighting and defeating the ship’s crew and other enemies, including the wicked Captain Revas. The character takes on several enemies and meets companions throughout the game, some of whom come from the Riddick films.

Other features of this application include the following:

• Advanced Melee Combat Mechanics – The game has several combat schemes that are well-developed. These combine traditional skirmish attacks and parries, blocks, and savage counter-attacks.
• Graphic Executions – The game provides several graphic ways to perform instant executions of enemies.
• Online Multi-player – The game supports multiple players and incorporates new game modes, melee battle, and stealth action features.