The Call of Juarez

Techland (Shareware)

Call of Juarez is an action adventure video game that was first released in 2005. It is the first game in the Call of Juarez series of games. The game focuses on the story of William ‘Billy Candle’ Mendoza and Reverend Ray McCall. Billy is accused of killing his stepfather and his mother. Reverend Ray, Billy’s stepfather’s brother, believes that Billy killed his brother and is out to get justice. Players get the chance to play these two characters in a Wild West setting.

The two characters have different fighting styles. Billy Candle performs missions in stealth mode and uses a whip and a bow, while Reverend Ray uses a pistol, dynamite, and a Bible quote. Players engage in fist-fights throughout the game and also in a duel before an episode ends. Some of the other weapons that are featured in the game include a cannon, hybrid gun, tomahawk, gatling gun, and a classic rifle. The game has 15 episodes all in all.

Here are the other features of the Call of Juarez:
• Multiplayer mode allows users to play in cooperative mode or objective mode
• The game makes use of the Chrome game engine for realistic details
• Reactive AI characters
• Wide variety of genuine Wild West equipment