The Blocklist Manager

Bluetack Internet Security Solutions (Freeware)

The Blocklist Manager is a network security application that allows users to download and export the updated blacklist in a formatted file. A blacklist or block list is a basic access control mechanism that allows users to specify the elements (users, email address and web pages) that do not have access to a certain gate. This is the opposite of a whitelist, which specifies only those elements that are allowed access. With this software, users can also import personal exclusions and inclusions, import logs, as well as look up information about specific Internet Protocol (IP) addresses.

The user interface for Blocklist features several functions on the menu bar including File, Edit, Import, Exports, Tools, Donate, and Help. There are icons for checking sources, downloading list, and importing list. The main interface displays information, such as Range Start, Range End, Rule Type, Comment, Sources, and Original. There is a black screen on the bottom, which will display the number of sources processed, duplicates removed, merged ranges, total IP count, process time, download time, total time and error count. The software can be set-up to automate tasks and has a built-in converter that can be used to convert lists to various formats like Protowall, Blockpost v1 & v2, Zonealarm, and Sygate.