The Black Mirror

Future Games (Shareware)

The Black Mirror is a point-and-click adventure game. It tells of the story of Samuel Gordon, a British nobleman who comes back to his family’s ancestral home called Black Mirror Manor. The event of his grandfather’s death made Samuel return after a twelve-year absence. Samuel is not convinced that his grandfather William committed suicide, so he decides to investigate, believing that the truth lies in the research his grandfather was doing in the tower of the manor. In the process of his investigation, Samuel not only uncovers clues about his grandfather’s death but unearths family secrets as well.

The Black Mirror takes players from Samuel’s ancestral home to the manor’s surrounding areas, including a small town called Willow Creek, the church and its grounds, and an asylum. At the beginning of the game Samuel meets his family and the staff of the manor. Some of the characters include a family doctor, a reclusive uncle, and a gardener who all may know something about what happened to Samuel’s grandfather. Samuel as to interact with them all to get the information he needs in order to solve the mystery of his grandfather’s death.

This third-person game features 150 different locations and users can listen to almost five hours of spoken dialogue.