The Bat! 6.8.4

Ritlabs S.R.L. (Shareware)

The Bat! is an email client program developed by RITLabs. Two editions are available – Home and Professional. It features the Mail Ticker that shows a header for all email received. This allows the program to work in the side tray. The program also supports import from other email clients. It has an import wizard that allows importing of address books and old emails from supported email clients such as Eudora Lite/Pro, Microsoft Outlook Express, Pegasus Mail, Netscape Mail and more. The Bat! also has a filtering system that offers macro enhanced templates, auto responders, selective downloading filters and more.

The Bat! features real-time automatic spellchecker that detects questionable spellings as the email is being written. It even offers suggestion for the correct spelling. The program also has a message editor that features single click highlighting, automatic formatting options and automatic line wrapping options. It also has a draft message functionality that saves unfinished emails to the outbox folder. There is also an address book that has vCard support and lets users add images to the contacts. Creating macro-enabled templates for the contacts is also possible. Multiple accounts can also be added to the program. Managing emails directly on POP/IMAP server is also possible. The application has a message dispatcher used to preview emails while they are still on the server. Users can also decide which messages to delete or download.

Other features included in this program are as follows:
• Built-in search engine
• Email park function
• 32-bit multi-threading
• Run mailing lists