The Ball

Teotl Studios (Proprietary)

The Ball is a unique first-person action/adventure game developed by Teotl Studios and published by Tripwire Interactive. It offers an immersive single-player experience via gameplay that utilizes Epic’s Unreal™ Engine 3 technology. The player takes the role of an explorer who trapped in a cavern as he worked in a volcanic area in Mexico.
Along the way, the player uncovers an ancient artifact: a large ball encased in metal and gold. The mysterious orb holds many dark secrets that the player needs to unlock, including a way to control its powers and capabilities.  Uncomplicated game mechanics allow enhanced game immersion and a more involved gaming experience from start to finish. The Ball provides the player with a number of gaming aspects and features in addition to those mentioned previously. The game also has:
• 8 hours of intense single-player action that include discovering “mankind’s greatest secret”
• 35 hidden secrets wait to be discovered along with numerous achievements that the player needs to earn
• Hordes of creatures, including mummies and a gigantic ape, that the player must defeat
• 4 bonus levels and a Survival game mode
• Unique modes of transport – a subterranean train and a strange Ball Chariot