The Agency of Anomalies – Cinderstone Orphanage

VELOCITY (Shareware)

The Agency of Anomalies – Cinderstone Orphanage is a hidden object mystery game. It is one of the games in the Agency of Anomalies series of games. Players assume the role of a detective who must do an investigation in an orphanage that was engulfed in fire. The goal is to help free the spirits of the caretaker and the children who died in the fire. Players can visit different rooms in the orphanage and find the listed items that are displayed at the bottom of the window. These items are hidden in the scene. Players who are having difficulty locating an item can also make use of the hint button, which is located at the bottom right part of the game window. In some instances, players must place items back in their proper place.

Aside from the hidden object game, players are also presented with mini games in the form of puzzles. Some puzzles are harder than others. There are also times wherein players must go back to a room that has already been visited. Picking up valuable objects in the scene is useful, as it reveals more of the storyline. The game has different difficulty settings. The easiest setting has a hint button that recharges faster.