The 3D Gamemaker

The Game Creators (Proprietary)

The 3D Gamemaker is a utility that enables users to create games for Windows-based computers. This application is best used for making basic 3D games in the adventure and shooter genres. This program is developed in such a way that users, who have little or no skills and knowledge in graphic art and computer programming but would like to develop games with 3D graphics, would still be able to use it. Users can create game levels and upload media such as audio. Advanced users who wish to add custom media may do so using the programming language called DarkBASIC. Experienced users may also use the program’s placement editor in indicating where obstacles, objects, and enemies should be placed. The created games are saved as executable files, which can be easily sent via email.

Among the features of 3D Gamemaker are the following:

• Ready-to-use scenes, objects, and sounds – this application comes with over 360 scenes, 500 3D objects, and 320 sound effects that users can simply select and add to a game. Users can also import their own sounds and 3D objects, and record their own sound effects.
• Player controls – users can choose from different player controls to use for their game, such as joysticks.
• Fully customizable game features – users can modify the textures of different objects in the game, or change the characters’ faces.