TeXworks editor 0.4.5

Jonathan Kew (Freeware)

In order to use TeX and the systems that come along with it, one has to make a TeX source document because TeX is a program used for transforming a source document into a typeset one. Having said this, users will need a certain program for creating simple text with instructions on typesetting – in other words, an editor.

The TeXworks editor (simply called TeXworks) is a LaTex editor designed for building TeX front-end software that can be used for all major desktop OSs, particularly GNU/Linux, MS Windows, Mac OS X, and other X11-based operating systems. The interface is the same, providing same functionality across the three platforms.  It was deliberately designed by developer Jonathan Kew to keep the interface user-friendly and uncomplicated, making it easier for novices to use.

To achieve a similar user experience across all platforms, it has been based on open-source libraries and tools. It uses the QT webkit to provide the same quality of experience on its cross-platform interface. The QT toolkit has a smooth application structure. The workflow is PDF-like as it uses XeTex and pdfTeX as the typesetting engines while the default output is in PDF format.

TeXworks editor features a PDF viewer, so users don’t have to open other external programs such as Adobe Reader to view the output. It also supports preview synchronization – a feature based on SyncTeX.