Texture Atlas DS4 (64bit)

DAZ 3D (Proprietary)

Texture Atlas DS4 (64bit) is a plug-in developed by DAZ 3D. The plug-in is obtained separately and designed for DAZ Studio users. This plug-in promotes efficient designing for games or other animation purposes. It allows users to collect necessary textures and add them directly on the project. Attributes related to specific figures or effect will be placed automatically for better graphic designs than before.

Optimizing the entire space utilized in making the graphics like adding texture will decrease the image size and result to better performance once used in the actual application. This ensures that the final application, whether gaming or other animation purposes, will work smoothly. Texture images applied on the figure are scaled and saved in varying file formats. This ensures the output will work in any type of programs that will use the image.

Texture Atlas DS4 (64bit) promotes convenience in designing figures as it allows set image size for appropriate preview. Texture images are automatically arranged by image size for better access when designing. Preview changes with ease and have an idea how the final image will look like when scaled down.

Aside from texture, Texture Atlas DS4 (64bit) also controls weights on the texture. Apply appropriate weight size and reset them whenever necessary. It matches the final output that contributes to consistent and crisp graphics when used in the project.