TextoMatic 1.0

Flight One Software (Shareware)

Textomatic is an application that allows users to quickly insert text templates on any text editor or text box. This saves the user's time when typing the same texts over and over again. The program allows the user to store text templates, which can be accessed on a pop-up menu. It displays the items in hierarchy format. There is also an auto-replace feature. This means when the user types a piece of text, the program can suggest what words to type based on the combination of the letters typed by the user. Additionally, the program can be customized.

Textomatic stores text templates in user-created folders. These folders can act as categories or types of templates, such as email templates, or information details. Adding a new template can be done by clicking the "add button" in the program's interface. Through the "Options" menu, the program can be customized further. The program can be customized to only display a pop-up when a specified letters or characters are typed. The pop-up can also be displayed by pressing a certain keyboard shortcut, which can be customized by the user as well. Furthermore, it gives the option to enable sound effects and remember the last folder accessed. Textomatic can run when Windows starts.