SoftMaker Software GmbH (Bundled)

PlanMaker is the spreadsheet application bundled with SoftMaker Office suite. It is used for calculating and creating spreadsheets. Creating charts is also possible. The program offers data exchange features, which provides direct document exchange with other versions of PlanMaker. It can also open and work with Microsoft Excel files and provides an import/export wizard for dBASE databases and text files. This application can be used for creating PDF files as well. It provides basic spreadsheet functions normally available in most spreadsheet applications. It can freeze both rows and columns, add comments, offers syntax highlighting and input validation. Selecting and formatting several sheets simultaneously is also possible with this program.

As for its calculation abilities, PlanMaker provides over 330 calculation functions. It also has support for complex numbers as well as array functions. Numbers inputted in the spreadsheet can be set as different currency values, as percentages/fractions, with fixed decimal places and more. The program provides several tools for analyzing data as well. This includes the Goal Seeker, Scenarios, Data Grouping, Sort, and Transpose, AutoFilter and more. Worksheets can be customized as well. It can rotate/merge cells, add borders/shadings/fill patters, offers conditional formatting, transfer formatting via format brush and more. The program also offers Graphics and Drawing features, Presentation and Visualization features and Extra features.