Core Software Solutions (Freeware)

TextEdit is a software that functions both as an open source word processor and text editor. It is a simple yet versatile tool that lets users create all types of text documents, format and layout a page, edit and stylize texts, run spell checker, incorporate tables and lists, import graphics, work with HTML, and even add music and movie files to a document. TextEdit is a freeware for Windows OS while it is an integrated tool in Macintosh. It text editor supports an array of programming languages including: HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, PERL, Delphi, SQL, C, and C++ among others.

TextEdit has a neat interface with detailed buttons and tabs. Its multi-panel layout makes it easy to browse local disks for files while working on an open one. Its standard features for both Windows and Macintosh include: line numbering, syntax highlighting, a tool for finding and replacing texts, bookmarking, and text size editing. Users can preview text modifications of a file through a default web browser. They can also extract or directly open archives and manually convert texts documents to PDF. TextEdit creates documents in Rich Text Format (RTF), Rich Text Format Directory, HTML, and plain text formats. The software is also capable of writing various character encodings such as Unicode, specifically UTF-8 and UTF-16.