TextCrawler (Freeware)

TextCrawler is a simple tool that is used for replacing words on a text document, file, or folder. It makes use of advanced Regular Expression engine to look for words or phrases on different locations, so users can easily replace them with the right expressions. The program is simple and easy to use even for novice computer users.

Text crawler has a simple user interface that has three sections. The upper portion of the main window is where users can search for files or folders. There is a tab for Input Folder and Input File. Users can just select from the options on the drop down menus or type in search terms on the fields. The second section displays all the search results based on the user’s searches. It displays the filename, path, matches, file size, file type, and other important information. When one of the results is selected, the text appears on the lower portion of the main window. Words or phrases that the user typed in for the search will be highlighted, so that they can easily be changed.

Other features of the TextCrawler application are the following:

• Wide variety of search parameters for advanced searching
• Capable of searching even on large files
• Users can create backups of files before making changes