TextBridge Pro 11.0

Nuance Communications, Inc. (Proprietary)

TextBridge Pro 11.0 is an OCR program developed by Nuance Communications and released on March 2008. OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition software. The program enables users to scan paper documents and recognize the text characters contained therein. Through the program, users can convert scanned images into editable text documents. Supported output formats include Excel, Word, and RTF. During the scanning and conversion process, the program retains the page formatting of the scanned document including margins, page size, and page color. Compared to other OCR software, the TextBridge Pro 11.0 automatically converts tables and spreadsheets into Excel-recognizable format.

TextBridge Pro 11.0 features a classic grey user interface. The menu bar features options for File, Edit,  View, Format, Tools, and Process. There are three main buttons corresponding to AutoOCR, Manual OCR, and OCR Wizard. The first option is an automatic solution for amateur users while the Manual OCR option enables users to specify which parts of the document to apply the OCR function or not. The OCR Wizard option guides the user in the OCR conversion process. Under AutoOCR, there are three steps: Get Page, Perform OCR, and Export Results. Users are given the option whether to scan the image in color or in black and white. The GUI is divided into three main  windows: Document manager, Original Image Viewer, and  Text Editor.