TextAloud 3.0.51 (Shareware)

TextAloud is an application that translates text to audio. It is capable of reading emails, reports, web pages, and any kind of text. The translated texts can also be saved in mp3 format and transferred to portable devices. To listen to text, users just need to copy and paste the text on the program’s window. Text can also be added simply by dragging and dropping it on the window. The voice of the reader can be changed in the program. Other speech settings that can be changed are the speed, pitch, and the volume.

The program’s interface is simple. Users can prepare multiple texts to be read out loud, since the window has a tabbed interface. Switching between texts can be done by clicking on the appropriate tab. The user interface can be customized, too. Users can drag buttons and menus according to where they want them to be placed. There are also skins available.

TextAloud allows users to follow along while the text is being read out loud. It has a smooth scrolling feature that also highlights the text as it is being read.

Here are other features of the application:
• Clipboard and mouse monitoring
• Support for plugins
• Spellchecker
• Support for hotkeys
• Pronunciation editor