GemX Software (Shareware)

TexNotesPro is used for taking down notes and organizing them. Those who have several computer tasks that need to be done daily can use the program. It is also fully customizable, which makes it easy to use for just about anyone. The program’s main window is simple and intuitive with the text area located at the center of the screen. Tools and buttons are located at the upper, lower, and right sides of the window for easy access. With this program, users can choose the font style, font color, and add objects to the text area. The program’s layout can also be changed according to how the user makes use of the application (journal, writing, designing, note taking, etc.).

Notes written using the program can be saved as plain text, HTML, or RTF. Users can also import their existing notes from Microsoft Word to the program. TextNotesPro supports the drag and drop functionality, which makes organizing notes easier. More of the program’s main features are as follows:

• Has paint functionality that allows users to doodle, paint, and create other graphics projects
• Capable of saving several documents that can be accessed from a tree view
• Does not require a lot of system resources to run