RS (Open Source)

TexMod is a modding tool originally used for the 2006 videogame Tomb Raider 7: Legend. This pioneering utility permits the extraction of texture maps from applications that use the DirectX 9 program. These modified textures – in original formats such as BMP, DDS, PNG, TGA, and JPG - are then saved as TPFs or TexMod Package Files, which are then reintegrated to replace the original files. In its earliest iteration, the tool changed the look of various characters in the aforementioned game, including that of Lara Croft’s – the protagonist of the famous series. Its subsequent use was common for the multiplayer game Guild Wars, where it was also utilized to change player interface.

TexMod was later modified to work with DirectX versions 10 and 11. It also allows texture previewing prior to file extraction. The user will need a compatible game, the program itself, and an image editor. To install a modification, the user has to accomplish the following steps after downloading the preferred modifications:

• Download the most recent version of the utility.
• Unzip archived mods and load these up.
• Find the executable file for the targeted game.
• Click on the small folder icon in the middle of the interface of the modding utility and extract the mods.
• Click on Run to continue/start the game with the necessary alterations.