Texmaker 4.0.1

Pascal Brachet (Freeware)

Texmaker is a cross platform LaTeX editor developed by Pascal Brachet first released on May 2003. This program enables users to create text projects through a wizard, like articles, forms, and letters, among others. This program also comes equipped with a Unicode editor, which enables users to create LaTeX source files, as well as perform spell checking, code folding, auto-completion. It also has a built-in PDF viewer. It works with multiple operating systems including Windows, Linux, and MacOSX.

The Texmaker user interface features a grey multi-window interface. The left hand side shows the structure navigator pane, which automatically updates as the user edits the code. Beside the structure navigator is the viewer pane that shows the current document. The view pane can support multiple files at one time for simultaneous editing. When a PDF file is open, the PDF viewer is shown alongside the view pane. The integrated PDF viewer supports continuous scrolling and synctex. Texmaker also enables users to edit several documents simultaneously using the Master mode. This program also features one-click compilation through commands available on the Quick build option. This program also enables users to add mathematical symbols to the code using the mouse. Texmaker also allows users to create extensive LaTeX documentation. This program supports regular expressions and full asymptotes and it comes with unlimited snippets and Qt5 support.