TeX Live Manager 9.2

Karl Berry (Freeware)

The TeX Live Manager (simply called TeX Live) is a free program for the typesetting system TeX. It includes major programs related to TeX, as well as fonts and macro packages. This program is the new replacement for the defunct teTeX. It is also the default software distributed for a number of Linux versions, including Debian, Gentoo, Fedora, and Ubuntu. Initially developed by Sebastian Rahtz in 1996, it is now maintained by Karl Berry.

Before the version 2009, the program could be run “live,” or directly from CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, or any mobile device. However, in 2010, distribution was discontinued because of restrictions involving storage space.

Since 2009, TeX Live Manager included the editor TeXworks for Mac OS X and MS Windows. For Mac OS X, it is called MacTex. This version comprises TeX Live and some extra tools for TeX on Mac. It features BibDesk, a bibliography manager, and TeXshop.

For Windows, the TeX Live Manager features some additions:

• New TeX Live Manager Menu – contains several GUI program entries such as PostScript previewer, tlmgr, texdoctk, and PS_View, as well as some documentations.
• Bitmap 2 EPS Converter – bitmapped files will get a bitmap2eps entry in the “Open With” menu. Simply right-click files to convert.
• Path Adjustment Automatic – no need for manual configuration.
• File Associations – PS_View, TeXworks, and Dviout can be the default program if enabled.
• Uninstaller – Add/Remove Program is included in the installer.