Alhademic Group (Shareware)

TetrixMania offers computer gamers variations of Tetris or modern clone games of Tetris. This series includes advanced versions of the old favorite, specifically ten new versions of the classical form of the pioneering Tetris game. The program package involves variations of the Pentix games as well.

This game by Alhademic Group offers a total of ten variations to avid computer gamers. Those who are partial to what Pentix and Tetris have to offer will appreciate the new features and challenges. The available variations are Magic Pentix, Standard and Advanced Pentix, Magic Tetris, Advanced Tetris Classical Tetris, and Simplified Tetris for Kids.

TetrixMania is an action-packed and exciting computer game series that is available worldwide. This game set is especially intended for the enjoyment of Tetris fans. TetrixMania can be played on joysticks and gamepads, whichever is the preference of the player.

The interface of the games is multilingual and designed to facilitate ease of use. The controls are easy to master and the game has a very clear objective. Each game is characterized by cool graphics and high fidelity background sounds and sound effects. There are different block looks and the game screen is chiseled. Players of TetrixMania can choose the field color, rotation directions, starting level, and other variables.