Tetris Worlds

Radical Entertainment (Proprietary)

Tetris Worlds is a version of the classic game, Tetris, and was developed by the company Radical Entertainment and published by THQ. It was first released in September of 2001 and features several game modes and a few twists to the original Tetris concept. The object of the game is to open the Tetrion gates from the other side of the planet so that the Minos will be able to evacuate before  the star Hadar explodes. The player is assigned a Mino Tetrinaut, which s/he will have to deploy to six worlds. In each ‘world’, the player has to go through challenges including standard Tetris games in order to rescue Minos. The rescued Minos will then build a new home for them in that world.

In the Arcade mode, the player takes on several Tetris games that each last for two minutes. Multiplayer games can also be played in this mode. The player can choose to play any of the following Tetris games:

• Regular Tetris – The player must maintain as few levels as possible to stay in the game. When the Tetriminos reach the top of the screen, the game is lost.
• Square Tetris – Apart from playing regular Tetris, the player must also form squares by combining Tetriminos.
• Cascade Tetris – The player must prevent the formation of Cascades by clearing lines.

Each of the game modes has its own themed backdrop, which includes erupting volcanoes, exotic landscapes, and barren deserts.