Tetris Revolution

TERMINAL Studio (Proprietary)

Tetris Revolution is a game developed by Terminal Studio and released on November 2008. The game is a revival of the popular child game Tetris. The game features five game types and 15 levels of difficulty. These game types are Revolution, Emptix, Pentix, Retro, and Kids. The game involves groups of bricks falling from the ceiling. The goal is to arrange the bricks so that there will be no gaps on the bricks at the bottom. A line of unbroken bricks removes that line from the game board. Brick lines with gaps are retained in the board and pile up. When the bricks reach the ceiling, the game ends and the player loses. The game is unwinnable. The objective is to last for the longest period of time. The player levels up when a score limit is breached.

Tetris Revolution graphical user interface features a modern electric blue theme. The main menu features the game completion percentage and level number on the far right panel. The game board features a three-panel window with the first panel displaying the status, the second panel, the bricks board, and the third panel showing the next group of bricks, the number of lines removed, and the time elapsed since the start of the game. The current score is displayed on top, and the Pause button at the bottom right corner.