Tetris 1.65

Crystal Office Systems (Freeware)

Tetris is a very popular mini-arcade/ puzzle game that is available to play in a wide range of media, from PCs to mobile phones.  Software company Crystal Office Systems offers the simple yet engaging and challenging game to players of all ages.

The game begins quite slowly at its first and most basic level , with pieces (or tetriminoes) “falling” one after another from the top of the screen.  The tetriminoes come in seven types, the O, I, T, L, J, S, and Z shapes, and players can rotate and slide them horizontally to the desired position as they descend.  Points are earned each time the player fills in one or multiple rows using the tetriminoes.

Completed rows disappear, making the upper blocks go down.  However, incomplete rows build up.  Once the pieces reach the top of the screen, the game ends.

A small image shows the next piece that will appear so players can plan their next move.  The menu also shows the player’s score, the game level, and the number of blocks.  As they progress to next level, the pace gets slightly faster and the game gradually becomes more difficult and challenging.  

It takes concentration, reflex, and keen attention to keep the pieces from building up.  Tetris offers several levels of play for hours of fun.