Tetris Arena

Terminal Studio (Bundled)

Tetris Arena is a modern take on the classic Tetris game. It features 3D graphics, new background tracks, and dynamic effects. The application allows players to customize the game settings so they can adjust the speed of block rotation, multimedia settings, block quality, screen wallpaper, and keyboard and mouse sensitivity. This game also offers players four game variations to choose from to suit their skills and preferences. They can choose from Standard, Advanced, Crazy, and Special. Players can also select 12 different songs as the soundtrack during gameplay.

As in the classic Tetris game, Tetris Arena makes use of seven differently-shaped pieces called tetrominoes, all with four blocks each. These are called the I, L, O, J, Z, S, and T pieces. Tetrominoes fall in random order down the rectangular playing field, a vertical shaft called the matrix. Players must move the tetrominoes to create horizontal lines of ten blocks each without gaps. The completed rows will disappear, and the unfinished rows above will fall down to take their place.

Except for the O piece which is essentially a square, all of the tetrominoes can be rotated to fit the in the gaps. Each level has a certain number of rows that must be cleared before letting the player advance to the next. In the subsequent levels, tetrominoes will fall faster; the game ends when the tetrominoes reach the top of the matrix.