Test Drive Unlimited Tradução BR

GameVicio (Proprietary)

Test Drive Unlimited Tradução BR is the Portuguese-language release of the original Test Drive Unlimited racing game. The arcade-style game is part of the long line of Test Drive series; this is released in 2006. TDU, like its predecessors and successors, use realistic in-game vehicles licensed and modeled after actual production vehicles.

In TDU, there are more than 125 vehicles, including motorbikes in addition to the cars gamers have come to expect from the franchise. Each of these vehicles – many of which need to be unlocked to be accessed by the player – can be commandeered and driven over the game’s vast open-world. In between missions, the player can simply choose an unlocked car in the garage and explore the game world comprising more than 1,600 kilometers of highways and roads modeled after the terrain in picturesque Oahu, Hawaii.

The player starts the game by buying one car and a house that serves as the garage. Locations in the map are gradually revealed as the player free-roams the open world. Dealerships for motorcycles and cars, rent-a-cars, paint shops, tuning shops, and challenges are then presented. The player has to complete missions successfully to earn money to use for upgrading the aesthetics and performance of the vehicles owned, or for purchasing new ones.