Test Drive Unlimited

Eden Games (Proprietary)

Test Drive Unlimited is an arcade-style racing video game developed by Eden Games and was released in 2006. This game is the ninth main installment of video games published under the Test Drive franchise. Arcade racing is a video game genre where players take control of a vehicle and focus on real-life driving skills and participate in various motorsports. Test Drive Unlimited features over 125 licensed sports cars and motorcycles while the race environment is modeled after the Hawaiian island of O’ahu, which contains one thousand miles of roads and highways.

Test Drive Unlimited allows players to drive both on-road and on-road in the “free-roam mode”. Players can challenge real life racers that they encounter as they explore the environment. The game has two game modes: a single player mode and an online multiplayer mode. When playing single player mode, the players begin by purchasing a car and a house and then proceeds to freely explore the island. Exploring the island reveals key locations such as car and motorbike dealership, car rental agencies, tuning shops, paint shops, time challenges, couriers, vehicle transformation shops, hitchhikers, and many more. Players can earn various rewards such as money by successfully completing race challenges and coupons by completing hitchhiker and top model challenges. Money and Coupons can be spent to purchase new vehicles, renting cars, upgrading cars, buying character clothes and buying houses. Users can also acquire sports cars from manufacturers such as Ferrari, Pontiac, Maserati, etc. In the game’s multiplayer mode, players can choose between three race challenges: Race versus other players, Challenge players to complete tasks, and attempt other player challenges.