Terrorist Takedown War In Colombia

City Interactive (Proprietary)

Terrorist Takedown War In Colombia is a first person shooter computer game where players take the role of a United States Army Special Task Force soldier who has been tasked to eliminate the boss of a Colombian cartel. The story revolves around the mountainous regions of Colombia where coca is the main produce and around 70% of the Colombian society works in its production. A major product from coca is cocaine which is smuggled by Colombian cartels to the United States, which proves to be a good money making venture for them. This scenario has not been obscured from the eyes of the US authorities and they are now determined to get rid of the big bosses of the cartel.

As a first person shooting game, Terrorist Takedown War In Colombia can only be played in single player mode. The player takes the role of Captain Jake Jeffers who must penetrate the defenses of the drug lords involved in the Bendicion drug cartel. Captain Jake Jeffers aims to put down three drug lords on site including Jose Esquilla, Nelson Sadilla and Tomas Alphonso. Jose Esquillla’s business is growing coca, while Nelson Sadilla manufactures cocaine paste and Tomas Alphonso Archangel is involved in protecting the operations with footsoldiers and other massive defenses.