Terrorist Takedown 2

City Interactive (Proprietary)

Terrorist Takedown 2 is an action video game wherein the player is in the front lines in the war against terrorism. It is a first-person shooter game wherein the player shoots enemies with a variety of weapons. The weapons range from basic rifle to rocket launchers. The game is set in the Middle East, which the terrorists are using as a base for their operations. The terrorists have sponsors. These sponsors are the ones providing them with weapons and means to counterattack. The player goes to 16 missions to fight the terrorists. The sponsors also have to be stopped from delivering supplies. The skirmishes between the player and the enemies take place in various terrains. Some of them are in the deserts and Middle Eastern cities.

Terrorist Takedown 2 have two game modes - single player and multiplayer. In the single-player campaign, the player goes to missions that take place for around 30 minutes. In multiplayer mode, the player can play against another player through the local area network. Players can also play with other players over the Internet. Weapons can be chosen. These weapons are the ones used by a variety of countries, including the United States and France.

Enemies present a challenge in Terrorist Takedown 2. They often attack in multiple numbers. Oftentimes, they are strategically placed in sneaky hiding places.