TERRATEC Home Cinema

TERRATEC Electronic GmbH (Freeware)

The TERRATEC Home Cinema application is a control center. With the program, users can watch television using the computer. The application has multi-tuner support, which allows several TV cards to be played in one computer. The switching time between TV cards are also quick so transitions are seamless. One of the features of this application is video recording. Users can set a schedule for recording a particular television show. The television does not need to be turned on for this process. There is a built-in guide for programming that allows beginners to easily record their favorite programs.

Users can choose the recording format for capturing videos. Video can be recorded as MPEG, subtitled videos or Dolby Digital (AC3).

The TERRATEC Home Cinema program also comes with a basic editing tool. This allows users to easily cut out commercials from recorded television shows. Users can also create their own favorites list. This can be done by looking through the available stations and choosing which ones to add to the Favorites list. The shows can also be color-coded according to type.

Other features of the program are the following:
Desktop TV feature
Support for analogue and digital broadcasts
Automatic adjustment of aspect ratio