Alexander Popov (Proprietary)

Terrasoft is an industry-solution CRM system that features a number of different products. Terrasoft is developed by Alexander Popov originally for small and medium-sized companies. Today, the program may be utilized by large companies as well. Here are a few of the Terrasoft solutions available today.

The Terrasoft CRM system is applicable to activities related to internal company procedures as well as customer relationship management. Terrasoft CRM Mobile is an app intended for the use of people who are always on the go. BPMonline CRM from Terrasoft is intended to facilitate business process management or BPM. Meanwhile, Terrasoft XRM is for customer relations management that focuses mainly on finance, project management, and service management and Terrasoft XRM Distribution is capable of automating distribution companies. XRM Distribution is a utility that has the following functions:
• Management and storage tools to organize the product catalogue
• Mechanisms for managing information regarding suppliers
• Tools for management, monitoring, and forecasting of sales

Terrasoft Sales is intended to assist users in managing sales while Terrasoft Service Desk is mainly for the use of the IT department since it facilitates automation of services. Terrasoft Service Desk User Web on the other hand is Web-based and is mainly for customer service interactions. Lastly, Terrasoft Professional Services is especially made for the utilization of auditing, consulting, and legal firms.