Re-Logic (Shareware)

Terraria is an RPG (role-playing game) that was first released in May 2011. The game’s atmosphere is similar to 16-bit characters on SNES games. It has three difficulty levels: softcore, mediumcore, and hardcore. These difficulty levels differ in death penalties. Players are free to roam around the mysterious land of Terraria. The land can be improved and it must be protected from enemies. Some of the enemies that can be encountered in the game include Angry Bones, Skeleton Archers, Illuminant Bats, Man Eaters, Voodoo Demons, and many more. The land of Terraria is composed of different environments. Some of which are forests, deserts, floating islands, underground jungles, and oceans.

Players can defend the land and defeat enemies with a number of weapons available in the game (shuriken, unholy water, explosives, poisoned knives, spears, guns, and bows). Players must also gather resources to improve the land and craft new items. Players receive rewards upon defeating enemies. They also attract NPCs (non-player characters) to occupy dwellings. One of which is Santa Clause, who is only available from December 15 to 31. There are also random scenarios that can occur during gameplay, such as meteor showers and goblin invasions.

The Terraria Collector’s Edition is also available. It comes with a disc of the game, a poster, trading cards, keychain, and a bunny that acts as a pet in the game.