Terragen 2 Deep Edition

Planetside Software (Freeware)

3D graphic design rendering involves color, shading, and lamination using 2D or 3D wireframes. Such processes make the wireframes appear life-like. Terragen 2 Deep Edition is the kind of scenery generator software that specializes in creating 3D planet and landscape animation and renderings. The produced environments have a high degree of realism. Scenery generators are usually needed for movies, animated shows, and video games. Careful rendering is done to incorporate minute details in nearly every aspect of a scene or environment.

Some movies, like The Golden Compass and The Wicker Man, used the landscape generation program of Terragen. The software applies procedural generation. This means that algorithms are applied to let the program spontaneously generate graphic content. In mathematics, algorithms are recurring procedures that can bring about an infinite sequence of certain terms or events. In the software, the repetitive process brings about a continuous chain of effects. This is what makes spontaneous generation of graphic content possible.

With Terragen 2 Deep Edition, the user can create a world entirely from scratch. Users can also get real-world image and terrain data and use these to spawn new photorealistic sceneries. This creation includes other landscape elements such as terrain texture, bodies of water, clouds, vegetation, suns, moons, and stars. Even the weather, outdoor lighting, and sounds can be made using the program. The program is flexible because it allows the user to rearrange the order or sequence to change the chain of effects. In turn, the resulting graphic content can be modified.