TerraExplorer Application

Skyline software systems Inc. (Shareware)

TerraExplorer Application is a 3D graphics application developed by Skyline Software Systems and released on August 2012. This program enables users to explore and analyze interactive 3D environments. Analyzation tools include Line of Sight, Threat Dome, Viewshed, Volume Analysis, and Flood Analysis. This program can also be used to edit and annotate photo-realistic 3D environments.  It can add information on 3D maps. It can highlight specific areas and feature relation and proximities between locations.

TerraExplorer Application makes 3D world environments navigation and analysis possible through terrain elevation data, and a fusion of satellite and aerial photography. This is done through the creation of a terrain overlay using imported geo-referenced elevation raster and geo-referenced aerial or satellite images. The program performs automatic morphing between the elevation layers and terrain imagery.   It retains the behavior and appearance of geographic features, which can be configured in the property sheet.

TerraExplorer Application enables users to create projects utilizing 3D objects whose parameters may be configured using properties’ sheets. Objects added by the users are displayed in the Project Window’s tree structure. Users may edit parameters for both 2D and 3D objects set as labels and primitives. Objects that may be added include vehicles with defined routes and way points, as well as power lines and pipe lines with definite paths.