Terminator 3 - War of the Machines

Clever’s Games (Proprietary)

Terminator 3 - War of the Machines is a PC game developed by Clever’s Games. This is a first-person shooter that is based on the Terminator series. This is a sequel to Terminator 2: Judgment Day and following Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines. The games’ storyline is set in the year 2029, during a battle between the Skynet forces and the Tech-Com army. Skynet refers to robots, while Tech-Com is the human race. Humans have to defend and protect the world they live in. The Skynet’s goal is to terminate the existence of humans.

This game can be played in two modes: single player or multiplayer. The multiplayer mode requires a connection to the GameSpy server. Players can assume the role of a member of the Skynet forces or the Tech-Com army. Some of the characters of the Skynet team are the following:

• Infiltrator or T-800 – These are Skynet forces that look and pretend to be humans; they can infiltrate Tech-Com forces by wearing their uniforms.
• T-900 Supply - These are another type of terminators with red sensors; their main function is to provide ammunition to other Skynet terminators.
• T-900 Heavy – These units notify HK planes or Airstrike teams to destroy a convoy or base of humans.

Players can also assume the role of a member of the Tech-Com force, including the positions of Hunter,  Heavyhunter, Scout, Supply, and Terminator (A T-850).