Susumu Terao Software Library (Freeware)

TeraPad is a program developed by Susumu Terao and was first released in April 1999. This program enables users to edit the text content of Web pages such as blogs and other websites. TeraPad is a type of SDI (Single Document Interface) text editor where users can edit text and graphic elements using individual windows that the operating system’s window manager handles separately. In an SDI interface, each active window has its own menu and toolbars. TeraPad provides features that are color coded according to the type of file that is edited. This program also has features such as preview line number, display ruler, digit retranslation, split screen functions, as well as basic text manipulating tools such as undo, redo, print, and edit. This program supports editing of various languages such as HTML, Perl, PHP, CSS, Ruby, INI, BAT, C++, Java, JavaScript, HSP, and Delphi. In addition, TeraPad has external tools that enable users to perform registration. These include Regular Expression, Compiler Call, and Macro.

TeraPad provides features that enable users to easily edit rich text content of Web pages. These include rectangular selection for selecting a body of text, mark display, blank Tab, automatic newline recognition, color display as well as email functions. The program also allows users to switch from English to Japanese Kanji and preview the edited text content in a browser. The program interface features two parts. First part is the toolbar that contains tool that execute different actions in the program. The center portion is the text editing section where users can input the text script for their web page. The left side of this section displays the line number of the text code.