TeraCopy 2.3

Code Sector Inc. (Freeware)

TeraCopy is a program used for copying and moving files at the possible maximum speed. It is developed by Code Sector Inc. and was officially released in May 16, 2007. TeraCopy utilizes adjusted buffers that helps in reducing seek times. Its asynchronous copy makes copying and transferring the files faster. The program works by skipping the bad files while copying then showing them at the end of the process. This allows users to check the files that needed attention. If errors are found, TeraCopy will make several attempts to copy the files. If it still fails, it will skip the bad files and proceed to the other files.  

The program can also measure the files CRC checksum values in order to check if the copied files have errors. It will display the list of failed file transfers and allows users to fix the issues and later recopy them. TeraCopy can be integrated with Windows Explorer. It can also be set as the default program for copying and moving files. When copying files, users also have the option to pause and resume the transfer activities. The pause feature is particularly helpful when the output directory needs more space. Users can free up the space to the output directory before resuming the transfer process. TeraCopy also has full Unicode support.