TepaEditor 5.0.5

Greensoft (Freeware)

TepaEditor is a utility meant for Windows systems and is designed to edit a text file and save it in its modified form. This is a freeware created by Kobayashi Hara of Greenspace. TepaEditor is easy to use and operate since it complies with the UTF-8N code and features standard Japanese character code of impress CMS. TepaEditor has a number of sophisticated features that covers the need of people who need to edit Japanese text for personal or professional use.

This program is equipped with a number of different useful features such as:
• Creating programming from text
• Wide range of utilization including size conversion and tag removal
• Customizable editing mode
• Comprehensive editing environment
• Text-shaping function

TepaEditor can also be used with another editing program without hassle. Its other functions include a search toolbar that allows the user to search directly from the editor. TepaEditor has an external program tool launcher that supports Unicode, UTF-8, EUC, JUS, CRLF, CR, and LF. This is a versatile utility that provides the user with one tool which is capable of providing all the basic functions expected of a text editing tool. There are also plenty of available literature materials in the Japanese language to help the user in navigating through the tool.