Ten PDF Reader

Ten PDF Reader (Shareware)

Ten PDF Reader is a computer program that is designed as a tool for reading compatible PDF files. Its main functions also include searching for PDF files as well as viewing and rotating documents in this type of format. The program is a small utility consisting of only one file that is meant by the designers for portable usage. Since there are no external dependencies, this utility can be launched effectively from a portable USB device.

One of the highlights of this program is the minimalistic design that favors ease of use for both beginners and veteran users. This utility is similar in many ways to Adobe Reader in terms of features but this utility boasts of faster loading speeds. It also starts up quickly reducing the waiting time markedly so that tasks are completed on time.

Ten PDF Reader is especially helpful to people who read e-books often. There are a number of modes available to users, namely single page, facing, continuous, and continuous facing viewing. Zooming is allowed as well for up to 400%. Meanwhile, this simple yet powerful utility has the ability to rotate a page by 90 degree increments. The search mechanism built into Ten PDF Reader allows the user to search for files even without matching the case.