Temple of Life: The Legend of Four Elements Collector's Edition

Big Fish Games (Shareware)

The Collector’s Edition of Temple of Life: The Legend of Four Elements by Big Fish Games features numerous hidden object scenes that players must solve. The game play revolves around the restoration of the balance of the elements. Artifacts need to be found in order to stop the damage and destruction—the aftermath of the release of the element of water by an archaeologist. This game is not just full of interesting puzzles but the storyline is very engaging as well, which sets it apart from other objects of the same format.

In this collector’s edition game, players can enjoy the perplexity of puzzles that ought to be solved if the world is to be saved from utter chaos. By tracking down the element of water, the destruction can be prevented and the player becomes the hero that saves the day. This Temple of Life game will tax the skills of even the most proficient hidden object player.

This puzzle game presents awesome achievement and additional gameplay that’s never before seen. The player can choose the level of difficulty by which to play. This edition also allows for customization with available adjustments for screen (wide screen, full screen), music, cursors, and volume, among others.