Temple of Elemental Evil

Troika Games (Freeware)

Temple of Elemental Evil is a role-playing game developed under Troika Games. It comes with the tagline “A Classic Greyhawk Adventure.” The game is an interpretation of the Dungeons and Dragons adventure. The game starts with the story of an evil demon that started out a cult in Nulb. The plot follows the events in the town during the invasion of the bad elements. It also tells of the story when peace was restored in Hommlet.

The players can choose which character to play based on the character information tab. A displayed tab shows player resources, spells and traits. This helps the player in managing resources as well as the character. In the tab, the player can also configure the spells to use. Another tab is located in the bottom screen. This particular tab shows various conditions of the character. The character’s condition can be assessed based on health, energy levels, resource inventory, and paralysis. The character’s skills are increased with every progress. However, development is still based on the character’s race and initial skills.

In Temple of Elemental Evil, the player/s can:
• create groups of five adventurers
• choose among dozens of skills and more than hundreds of magic spells
• choose the starting point
• encounter more than hundreds of elementals and demons.